Tuesday, February 25, 2014

food review : nozomi ramen

i had to admit that japanese food grew pretty fast in surabaya. we had several ramen places spread all over surabaya. actually, nozomi was not new, but since it was in midtown, we didn't have time to visit it. and then, we were bored to food at CW after church, so we decided to give it a go. unfortunately, it was open at 11 on weekend, and 11.30 on weekdays, so we had to wait about 15 minutes. oh well.. we had nothing to do anyway..

the place : they decorated it just like japanese places we saw on tv. the cooking bar in the center, surrounded by high chair, just like food bar. they made the food bar higher than the other part of the restaurant. and there were stones and mini fountain, just to mimic japanese homes.

the people: similar to other japanese restaurant here, there was a native japanese as the supervisor. here, they had two, one on the reception, and one as supervisor/cook (probably).

the menu: they had various menu, from ramen, curry don, to ramen burger. we tried several ramen, the ramen burger, the fried rice and i forgot what my brother's order. but the menu was complicated. for a simple ramen, the waiter had to ask us about the noodle type (soft or hard) and the soup type (strong or light).

the food: i tried the original tonkutsu ramen, pork, soft noodle, light soup. my dad ordered black garlic ramen, pork, hard noodle, strong soup. my husband ordered the spicy one, hard, and strong. mine were blah.. just a slightly salty. and the meat were only 2. no tamago on my ramen, so i had to order the tamago separately. my husband said that his was okay, the spicy was spicier than hakkata's. my dad said that garlic was all he could taste, after all, that's what he chose.. black garlic. the ramen burger was another story. the ramen substituted the burger bun, and it was pretty tough and dry. the meat on the other hand, was nice. it was delicious.

sooo.. if i wanted japanese food, i would go there for the ramen burger.

roasted chashu ramen burger (i think..)

spicy something ramen (pork, hard noodle, strong)

original tonkotsu ramen (pork, soft, light)

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