Saturday, December 28, 2013

food review : hanashobu ramen

what's best to enjoy with your family in this holiday season other than good food? i was thrilled since my sisters were home this christmas. while my in-laws were away on their holiday, my husband would be on his desk until God knows when.. so i didn't want to wait for him to enjoy my holiday. so i brought my son to join my sisters. we were going to grand city, and then i noticed the big ads about this new ramen place, called hanashobu. my sisters haven't eat ramen since their arrival in surabaya, so why not try the new ramen?

hanashobu ramen. like other ramen places, this stall was decorated like a japanese noodle bar. but there were pictures at the wall, kamen raider one to be exact. i got this feeling of deco art feeling but in japanese style. and they were very very children friendly. not only they offered baby chair, but they also had a coloring paper at the back of the place mat. and there were wooden toys to play with while we were eating.

the menu : their menu was pretty simple. they had only 5 different ramen, and not more than 5 other dishes on the menu. the name was pretty funny too.. like ramen rider, ramen power.. hahaa. like in the comic book.
my brother and second sister chose the ramen rider. i chose the tori mega ramen. my little sister chose their curry don, and my nanny ate their fried rice.
ramen rider: it was a pork ramen, with pork broth. served with tamago and seaweed. i tasted a little. the broth was not too salty, like hakkata's. and it was not too cloudy like yamagoya's. there were two choices of pork ramen, one was ramen rider, which soup was pork broth. and the other was ramen power, which soup was miso soup.
my pick was tori mega ramen, which was the chicken version with chicken broth. the other chicken ramen was with shoyu soup. tori mega ramen consisted with a chicken thigh, tamago, and seaweed. the soup was tasty, not too salty, and i could taste sesame oil in it. somehow the sesame oil completed the other components in the dish. the chicken thigh was tender, and it reminded me of 369's shanghai soup.

the curry don was so-so according to my sister. she even said that she could cook just like that using the curry spice from supermarket. i had no idea about the fried rice.

will i be back again? probably yes. it was worth to try....
tori mega ramen

ramen rider

see the ramen rider poster? 

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