Wednesday, October 2, 2013

food review: hachi-hachi bistro

another japanese food review! i loovveedd japanese food. okay, there were 2 kinds of hachi-hachi. hachi-hachi bistro and the other hachi-hachi. hachi-hachi bistro was on citraland and TP. and the other hachi-hachi was on Supermall. the only difference was the menu. the bistro one had more complete menu.

what to order? i recommended their sushi. when i was craving for sushi, i went there and sushi hana. i had 3 class of sushi, the high-end one (sushi tee), middle class (sushi hana and hachi-hachi), and lower end (peco-peco). all of them was good for their sushi. what's the difference beside the price? the portion. here in hachi-hachi bistro, they had 8 pieces for their sushi, while sushi tee sometimes only 2-4 and sushi hana ranged between 4-6-8 pieces. if you wanted to eat sushi in big portion with friends, then this was a good choice.

and place. citraland gwalk was well known foodish heaven. though it was almost secluded in west surabaya, but it was worth trying. hanging out with friends and family.. it was nice. the bistro had a good vibe too. you could choose indoor or outdoor. and they were children friendly too. they had baby chair and even toys for them to play! the bistro in TP was located on TP3 (i forgot which floor, but it was the food level, the upper one. it was across penang house).

menu: sushi, like i told you before. for salmon, right now my choice was their club salmon roll. and the other was their dragon roll. they provided other dish like ramen, udon, bento and steak. my husband loved their spicy seafood ramen/udon, but it was SPICY! other dishes i didn't know. i noticed there were difference in the menu from the first time i ate there and yesterday. i'll inform you guys again when i was sure about the other menu. what not to order: my husband once ordered their seafood something, and it was blah...

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