Saturday, September 28, 2013

food review : la rucola

yeyy.. finally i got to eat here! this was supposed to be our 2nd anniversary, but since our schedule were unpredictable, my husband suddenly asked me out this afternoon! well.. without no further ado, let's talked about it!

from the parking lot, you could see what kind of people eating here. my car was the cheapest one (compared to others..). even the parking officer wasn't sure when i gave sign, whether i was going to eat there or taking left turn. well, inside it was quite hot, giving they had air conditioner inside. i was wondering how they separated the non smoking with smoking room since everywhere was the same, no different air circulation. blah. but luckily, no one was smoking, well, there was one, but we've already finished by the time he was smoking.

menu. everything was italian cuisine. no other dishes, not like cafe pisa which still gave other option. so, if you planned to bring you nanny or other helper, you have to make sure that they could eat pizza at least. the menu was differentiated into 4 groups, like italian tradition. the appetizer (oh, and there were carpaccio too.. ), first course, second course and dessert. the main courses were pastas, steaks, and pizzas. i've read online that their pizza was good, so i had to try them.

my husband arrived late so i got the chance to look at the menu quite long enough to make up my mind. we would order one pizza, and then if he was having a steak, then i'll order a pasta. and we had it that way. we ordered a ham and mushroom pizza, my husband ordered a beef steak with mushroom sauce, and i ordered fetuccini but i forgot how they cooked the meat, but i remembered it was beef, rosemary, parsley and creamy sauce.

the pizza was okay, it was thin and crusty, unlike pizza hut's pizza. but the tomato sauce was refreshing. overall, it was a nice pizza, but not too satisfying so we could still eat our main courses. the steak was juicy and tender. the sauce was a little bit salty, but i liked it. very similar to beef gourmet's and stevan's. but the salad was blah. we agreed that twitzel's was way better than that. and my pasta, the fetuccini was cooked al dente, but i forgot to tell the waitress that i didn't like too much pepper, and the meat was too hot for me. and it wasn't creamy enough for me. and i thought it was pretty weird, since they didn't have alfredo pasta in their menu. did they worth the money? i thought cafe pisa was a better choice for me. but if the liquor that made you eat there, then probably la rucola won, since they had so many choices of liquor, from beer to wine.
ham & mushroom pizza

beef steak with mushroom sauce and salad

beef fetuccini, with rosemary in creamy sauce

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