Friday, September 13, 2013

for moms to be

i just found out that one of my good friends is expecting! yay! but turned out that she had a lot to think, even though she had 2 sisters to talk to. i remembered when i was expecting myself, i got only me and my husband, and he let me decide almost everything. and i had no sister to talk to since they were in singapore and had no idea about motherhood. and my mom gave up too.. she said, today was way much different from her old days. so i guess, i wanted to share something to help moms to be out there..

how to pick an OG doctor:
personally, i was not picky about the doctor. as long as i knew he/she was okay (referring to my med school days), i had no problem. i didn't pick a female doctor, because some of them were quite new and people said female og usually more strict than males og. but if you didn't comfortable being examined by male doctor, then you should find female one. i guessed these days female og's were getting bigger in number, so i wouldn't be difficult to find them.
other factor that i considered in choosing the doctor : could he/she practiced in the hospital that i chose to give birth at. since i picked RKZ the place to give birth, i had to make sure that my doctor could practice there. and last factor: did he/she practice in hospital? this was pretty important for me, since i didn't want to wait a hell long time just to get my antenatal care. for your information, practice time in hospital were limited so there won't be a long line like in private practice. i would bored my husband to death if he had to accompany me to the private practice.
based on that criteria, i picked doctor pudjo, first since i knew him back in my med school days (he was my teacher), and he practiced in RS Premier which was close to my husband's office so we could eat outside after the check up, hehehe.. and since dr pudjo was a consultant, he could practice in RKZ too.. oh and the way to give birth. i chose natural delivery, so if dr pudjo couldn't make it, the midwives could help, but if you had to do a caesarean, you would probably pick more than one doctor, in case your doctor couldn't make it on the day you were supposed to give birth.

how to pick a pediatrician:
fyi, i separated my pediatrician in two, one for checking the baby after being delivered, and one for permanent check up, vaccination, and stuff. since i didn't know RKZ pediatrician and i forgot which mitra pediatrician who also practiced there, so i decided to just pick a RKZ pediatrician. since i believed there wouldn't be any problem with my baby. then i would pick another pediatrician, closer to my home for check up, vaccination, and stuff. i picked mitra doctors since i knew them well, and i also believed that my baby would be just fine. and turned out, so far he only needed his vaccination. he only got flu twice so far. so, if you wanted to pick only one doctor, you had to find out, where did he practice, could he also help in the hospital when you were giving birth (especially for those who had to do caesarean), and how he dealt with baby illnesses (did he give antibiotics so easily? did he believe in breastfeeding exclusively? and most importantly could you have a comfortable communication with him?).

about the hospital:
my criteria for hospital was the baby room's nurse quality. i believed the RKZ nurses were more capable in handling babies than mitra's. and i needed them to teach me how to take care of my baby. fyi, i was alone after giving birth. my mom had some business in the church, my mom in law was away, and i didn't have babysitter yet. so i had to understand how to take care of my baby from the very first day. and i doubted that mitra's nurses would dare to teach me. another criteria was whether the hospital offered "rawat gabung" or not. it was pretty important, especially if you wanted to breastfed exclusively. and also location. even though i picked a hospital farther than RKZ, i wouldn't give birth en route, but i had to think about my husband and family and friend who wanted to visit me. that's why RKZ was an ideal choice. it wasn't that far from my house, and my family, but it was also not far from our friends. and the price was okay for us.

another thing to think for now: breastfeeding.
i only prepared myself for breastfeeding just only for the first few month, and i just read from the internet, and it wasn't enough. i freaked out when i found out that my breastmilk didn't come out at the first day, but the nurse assured me that it was okay. if only i knew about those organization that helped new moms who were clueless about breastfeeding, i would be more relaxed than i were. for you who wonder about breastfeeding, just find AIMI in twitter. they even had private consultation at your home!

hopefully, this post will help you..

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