Friday, September 27, 2013

food review : sushi hana/ sushi mori

warning: this is just for sushi lover. they had dishes other than sushi, but i loved their sushi, so i didn't know about the other dish.

first, why i put sushi hana and sushi mori on the title because at first, they were the same, and then probably the owner separated and decided to change the name a little bit. so far, i knew sushi hana was on ruko darmo permai (near papaya), sutos, east cost food festival, while sushi mori was on ruko at dr soetomo. i've tried them all, and i could say they tasted nearly the same.

they had appetizer, sushi and sashimi, ramen and soba, and bento or dinner. my husband once tried their beef teriyaki dinner, and he liked it. he said it was sweet like he wanted it to be. but my mum once tried their ramen and she didn't like it. she liked tong-tong's better. and the appetizer, we've tried the fried soft shell crab, tempura, and i forgot what else, but we liked them.

about the sushi.. there were many choices to pick. from raw to cooked sushi. but i liked them all. all time favorit? probably spider roll, rock n roll, and caterpillar roll. oh, and i loved their baked salmon, but i didn't like the baked scallop. check out for yourself..!

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