Friday, October 18, 2013

food review : alessandro

last sunday, we were going out for dinner at PTC. at first, we intended to eat chinese food, but then we came across this new eating place named alessandro. it was supposed to serve italian food, but they had other food in their menu, like chinese and indonesian food. so we were hooked.

the restaurant was a regular restaurant, no special thing in their interior design. and yes, they are kids-friendly (read: they had baby chair). we tried the pizza (it was supposed to be their star) and lasagna. my husband tried their tom yum soup and chicken terriyaki fried rice. my nanny tried their asem2 iga or like they said "kiyer-kiyer soup". both the chinese and indonesian food turned out great. and pizza was okay. it was similar to pisa's. thin crust pizza with fresh (tasted fresh) tomato sauce. but the lasagna was a little bit disappointed for me. i compared it to pizza hut's. i was hoping for a decent pasta with beef fillings with fresh tomato sauce. they had the beef with fresh tomato sauce, they even had some tomato slices on the side. but the pasta was thin and slippery, made it difficult to cut the lasagna. and the beef was not satisfying.

well, overall it was worth to try. the price? i could accept it, since the food was delicious. go ahead and try it if you wanted to try italian food but your special someone or other people didn't like italian food and prefer chinese or indonesian food instead.

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