Friday, October 11, 2013

food review : sushi tei

yep.. another japanese food. this time, it's a high-end stuff. sushi tei is pricier than other japanese restaurants i've reviewed before. you can find them mostly inside the shopping mall, TP, galaxy mall, and ciputra world. they all have similar interior arrangement. in the middle there's a space for their chefs to prepare the sushi. and there's a walking belt surrounding that space that served some sushi and salads. you can pick one that you like directly or order it from the waiters/waitresses. they used different color for their plates to differentiate the price. so you must be careful in case you didn't want to pay a lot!

i don't want to talk about the restaurant ambiance since all three places have similar ambiance. even similar interior design too. let's talk about the menu! most of it are sushis and sashimis. mostly raw sushi. i can't remember which cooked sushi that delicious.. huuuuu... didn't like raw food? you can order tempura, ramen, or bento. their ramen was okay.. some of our med rep had tried it and they said it was okay. i didn't know for sure since i always eat their sushi. but i do have one recommendation for beverage : sushi tee sunset something.. hahaha.. i can't remember the exact name, but if you said that clue to the waiter, i'm sure they'll understand which one.

their sushi was okay, but i like their raw sushi better. unfortunately, their servings are small. mostly 2 sushis in one plate. the cooked one usually only 6 pieces. while in sushi hana or peco-peco they could serve 6-8 pieces per plate. and they charged more for smaller portion compared to sushi hana and peco-peco. *sigh* that's why i seldom eat here. but.. if you wanted to splurge, indulge yourself in good food.. then you couldn't miss this one if you are japanese food lover.

update: i ate there yesterday, and i tried their fuji roll (cooked) and ebi tempura maki (cooked). i als ordered salmon don (raw). both sushi were okay, but i couldn't eat fuji roll much since the sauce was spicy. the salmon don was so-so, i liked the one in new zealand better. (sushi tei galaxy mall) (sushi tei tunjungan plaza)

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