Monday, November 29, 2010

Name, face, and status

Working in the ER besides pumping adrenaline, it's also refreshing sometimes. Watching all kinds of people coming to ER and all their personality, it's really interesting dealing with it. Like tonight, there was this man who came to the ER because his wife cut her wrist while she was washing the dishes. As he waited me to stitch her up, he saw my name written on the "on duty" board. He predicted that i'm a batak.. According to my name which is taken from the Bible. And my middle name is also interesting for him. While my last name didn't show on board because my name is long enough so there wasn't any more space, so he just guessed that my last name is my family name. A Batak family name, hahahaha... When he said that to me, i already explained to him that he was wrong. But he probably didn't believe me until he heard me talk to my fellow in javanese. Then he said that after hearing me speaking javanese, he believed that i'm a local, not a Batak. Aahahhaaa... Pretty stubborn man...

Problems also arise from my racial status. My face is clearly showing that i'm half chinese. But since i was born, no one talk in chinese so i can't talk chinese. I do took some lesson but i stooped half way, so i could understand some simple phrases but i couldn't talk back to them. A man coming to ER to translate a chinese family and he pointed to me that as a half chinese i should learn to speak the language. I just grinned back at him, because i do have the intention to learn chinese again, it's just the time that i don't have. This face has caused me some trouble because when they saw me, they thought i could speak chinese and they just talked in full speed while i couldn't understand what they're saying if they spoke that fast. *sigh* thank God i have my iphone to translate and help me communicating with the non English-speaking patients.

And my status as a pastor's daughter also cause some problems. If i didn't free the charge, they could badmouthing me and my family behind our back. Saying that we're greedy, not tolerant to the congregation's member. But if i gave them all free of charge, the hospital administration will ask my reason. I couldn't say that they were all my congregation's member as an excuse everytime coz it may be the hospital loss. But what can i do? For now, i have my own policy. Good friend of mine, without insurance, good people back at church, moderate income or lower, on their first visit, i'll free them off charge. But other than that, they have to pay. Fair enough?

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