Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NATO is bad, but not talking is also bad

I really try not to get mad. Well, i can't do it so i guess i choose to start a cold war. Oh come on.. I've told u dozen times for not keeping me in the dark but numerous times u keep doing it again and again. I hate when i have to remind u again. And i hate doing it again. So i guess this time i will keep quiet about it.

Thinking about it, i do have my logic and reasonable reason to be mad. First, i'm not working on my own, so i need permission for almost everything. And we have pretty tight schedule, so i have to tell them in advance. Not like ur habit..

Second, u said that it's not 100% affirmative so u don't want make a rush about it. But then when it's all set, you don't even remember to discuss it again with me. As if i'm going to play along no matter changes happened along the way.

For God's sake, we're not married yet and u've already dragged me out of country on my dad's bday! Awesome! Without telling me! That's so marvelous! Keep doin that and i can't imagine what my dad will do to you

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