Friday, November 26, 2010

my new world

yep.. now i'm in adults world, which is sucks. got a new job, pretty fast though, remembering what i put in my resume is not quite impressing. i don't know why but i got accepted, which..thank God for that. i was applying to mitra waru at first, but then the medic manager saw my address in the resume, she offered me to get transfered to mitra satelit. at that time, my only concern is getting a job so even though they said that it's though in mitra satelit, i didn't listen to them and just agreed to the idea.

turned out that working in mitra is incredibly insane. people are demanding. pretty exciting at first, but also frustating. there's a morning report, two night duties in a row every week, an on call, referring patients, and hotel clinic. lots of job huh? but it's interesting. the not interesting part is the payment. pretty minimum for a doctor, but as a newby, i don't expect much anyway. but i'm hoping that my salary will increase as time goes by.

and then there's a degree here. ward doctors, icu doctors and emergency room doctors. the ward is the lowest degree and the emergency is the highest. you have to pass the ward first and then graduated to icu before finally being in the emergency room. being on duty at emergency is fascinating but also scary. i'd like to be in the emergency room, but sometime i don't like to be alone there. having a partner to back you up, that's what i need sometimes. somehow, i'm still not confident enough facing all the patients coming at the emergency ward. but until now, i'm still trying to be one. i am, in my new world. just trying to fit in and hopefully i will be the REAL doctor soon. (not that i'm not..but sometimes i feel that i'm not one)

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