Sunday, November 28, 2010

review: rizzoli & isles

another series that caught my eyes when i walked into the dvd stores. hahahaa.. actually, most series attractive for me, but my preferences are detectives, homicides, or medical stories, so.. this is another police-forensic series plus woman power. hahhaa.. my bf said that this series is my typical must-watch-list.

rizzoli : the female homicide detectives.'s another typical case of women working in men sector. she got underestimated but then turned out she proved that she's better than most men there. and the problem that came follow is, she got no one as her bf. typical problems. men scared of daring, intelligent, and strong women and at the top of her career. kinda annoying when the creator kept making her single while in the movie she's meeting with some guy that can compete with her. her another problems are a serial killer that always coming after her, her little brother that hoping to be like her, and her annoying mother that keep nagging her to get a bf. usual drama...

isles : pretty doctor and quite fashionable but contradictorily to her job as a forensic examiner. but turned out that she had pretty interesting personality. she couldn't stop speaking when she talked to someone, and then she had this urge to diagnose people the moment she met them. and unfortunately, that habit of her made some of her date ran away, hahaha.. i really laugh when i watched her diagnose her date "marfan's syndrome" and the guy had no clue about what she's talking about. hilarious..! the exciting point is when she found out that her birth father is not just some irish mob, but the famous and dangerous one. she began to question if she had that cold blood trail in her.

pretty exciting series, thanks to the interaction between rizzoli and isles that make it interesting. but as always, it ends with full of questions. i hope they will continue the series since i'm curious if rizzoli, both rizzoli, would make it or not.

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