Wednesday, August 6, 2014

winter holiday: NZ again

yep.. we're spending another idul fitri day in new zealand again. last time was two years ago. this time we brought my hubby's whole family plus our little one. i was worried that he might get sick due to the weather changes, but he was alright except for a couple of days.. so it was a huge relief. but his appetite dropped a lot, so he was skinny again.. hiksss...

this time, the route was christchurch - mt.cook - te anau - wanaka - queenstown - christchurch. originally, between queenstown and christchurch there was wakatiki (or something like that.. i forgot the city's name), but since my bro in law was tired and wanted to go back to christchurch by plane, we dropped it. but again, due to weather condition, the plane was cancelled and we had to hurry back to christchurch by car again... and we made a quick stop at twizel for a night before heading to christchurch again.

i might say that though at the beginning of the trip the weather was okay, our last trip was better. this one, half of the trip were not so good since it was rainy almost whole day long. we couldn't see the nice view and took picture. and the worst part is, we couldn't visit the zoo since we ran out time due to travel sudden changes. let's just say this is not our most joyous trip.

but then again, i'm quite happy since my son enjoyed most of the trip. he loved playing with the snow and excited jumping around the campervans. but most, he loved travelling by plane.. and now, even when we're home already, he kept asking "where are we going today?" hahaha.. he's still in holiday mode apparently..

though we made some return visit to some hotel and dinner, there are couples new accomodation and dinner to try.. so i'll review them separately. hopefully, we can go back there again someday and the weather will be good so we can enjoy all the view the whole trip long.

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