Wednesday, August 6, 2014

food review: ron's laboratory

okay.. ron's doesn't sell food, so it's supposed to be ice cream review. which is odd. what's special about it? ron's claims it's molecular gastronomy, something that has been hyped around the world. and this time in ice cream mode. all i know from watching masterchef and stuff, molecular gastronomy in ice cream means nitrogen. and i was right. they made the ice cream from scratch and then poured liquid nitrogen over it to make it solid. let's get onto it!

the place: so far, in surabaya, there are two places to enjoy ron's, one in ciputra world, and the other in galaxy mall. the setting is a small cafe, but you have to order in line, not like the other ice cream cafe where you can sit down and have the waiter take your order.
the price: hmmm.. for something hype, it's quite fair to pay that amount of money.
the flavour: ron's doesn't offer too much flavour like other ice cream parlour. so far i count only 5 flavours, but i don't know if the dates one only for ramadhan season. there is one funny flavours, the chocolate windproof flavour, which in indonesia translated into "tolak angin". i never drink tolak angin so i have no idea what tolak angin should taste like, so i give it a go. i choose the rocky something, which is a sea-salt chocolate and peanut butter.
the presentation: another unique thing in ron's is they have several flavours that have syringe in presentation. the syringe contains more syrup to pour over your ice cream.

many people attracted to the syringe and i have to say that indonesian are lazy to read the board. they have the flavours plus the notes under the ice cream names and give the syringe sign beside the flavour name, so you can figure out yourself which one gets the syringe and which one doesn't. unfortunately, when i bought them, many people in front of me just came to the cashier and asked "which one has the syringe on it?" ohhhh.. mannn.. no wonder the line is quite long! if only they take the time to read the sign!!! come on peopleee!!!

okay.. back to the ice cream. probably it was me who order the ordinary stuff, so i have to rate this one just so-so. nothing extraordinary, just something exciting to looked at while you are waiting for your ice cream. looking at the "scientist" mixing your ice cream and then pouring the liquid nitrogen, plus the syringe. for me, syringe is not extraordinary, so i don't get it why people so excited playing with syringe.

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