Thursday, August 7, 2014

amross court motor lodge

okay.. it's our first day in christchurch. thankfully, this time it was raining. so it wasn't that cold. but i was worried since this was the first winter trip for our son. but, watching him so excited playing around at the rental car office earlier, i was relieved. i hoped it would last until the trip ended. our first motel was amross court motor lodge. it was similar to our last motel in christchurch, small, quiet but comfy. we booked two kind of rooms. the family type for david's big family, and the regular one for us. the family one had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a living room connected to the dining room and kitchen. they put extra bed in the living room since there were 5 people.

okay..let's discuss ours first. it was a one bedroom apartment. the bedroom was connected to dining room and kitchen, the bathroom was in separate room, and they also separated the toilet and the shower place. we had two heaters in the room, and it was hot enough to keep us warm. the heater in the bathroom also quite hot. it was a nice start for us to adapt to the winter climate. the kitchen utencils were complete so we could cook our dinner and breakfast ourselves. and the motel was close to merrivale mall, where we could shop groceries.

the family room on the other hand, they said they didn't get enough heat for everyone, except for the one in the living room. well, i guess you were supposed to keep the door open in the family room so the heat spreaded. i don't know.. all i know we could get a good night sleep here. though it wasn't big, but it was comfy.. and clean and nice. and quiet, remembering it was at the roadside.

well, it's just the beginning of our trip.. more reviews later..

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