Sunday, March 24, 2013

put God first

for two consecutive weeks, the theme of sunday service was the same, putting God first in everything we do. the first week message was brought by a philippines pastor. he told us how to get a balance in career and family life. the point was at the end of the service, we had to set our priorities right. put God first, and then our family, then at last our career. that way, we could get a balance between our work life and our family life. a week later, our own fellow congregation member brought another message. but it had the same theme. to put God first.  the first thing was to set the goal right. and we could only set the goal right if we were close to God. and we would lose everything if we didn't do it right. first, God. then family. and last career. always like that.
actually, it kinda kicked my husband. he had a hard time at work and kinda forgot us. especially our son. he even didn't ask for his dad anymore before going to bed. he also kinda lost his relationship with God, personally. but then, as the problems arose, he realized and started to build his relationship back with God. but still not with us. sometimes he chose work over us. i knew that he had to solve the problem so we could get money to live. but couldn't he spare a minute for his son?
well, i do hope after listening to those messages, he would realize and set his priorities right.

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