Thursday, March 14, 2013

1st semester round up

bah.. it's a boring subject.. biostatistic.. and i don't understand anything about it. and the lecturer was not helping at all. he made it even worse. blah.. so i guess i should make myself busy and blogging..

let me round up my first semester.
1. marketing : this was the first subject that was easy to understand. i just need to read the book and i could made sense what my lecturer's said. but i couldn't understand my lecturer's way of thinking. he's a bit off to me.. perhaps because he was also the philosophy lecturer as well..

2. human resource management : when i read the book, i understood some of it. but when in class, i couldn't answer my lecturer. she was way ahead of us, that i couldn't understand what she hoped us to know. she used high-level HRM words.. and i knew nothing about it. i thought that this class was supposed to make us understand about HRM, not just honing our knowledge about HRM.. but she was teaching as if we've already knew about HRM. probably for some people who had already worked in hospital administration, they probably knew some about it. but for me who was a functionalist, i had no idea what she was talking about. but i passed though. so never mind.

3. nursery management : i hate the lecturer. all he could do was sitting there and mumbling some mumbo-jumbo and repeating his favorite words "you can all read it in my books" blah.. all we had to do was buy his book and read the d*mn book.. and everything you needed to know was already there. but he couldn't help us understand his book. and the point of all semester was only on his last pages of his books. bah..

4. policy analysis : the lecturer was soooo smart that we couldn't catch up with him. he read so many books that we couldn't read as fast as him. and he taught us like foreign lecturer. no special topics. but we could discuss anything we wanted. anything about latest issues. anything about the textbook readings. anything. and i thought i still got nothing after a semester. *sigh*

5. logistics : this was my favorite subject. why? because the lecturer was very kind to help and guide us patiently. and it was all about mathematics. so i could made sense about it. but it was complicated. we had to master how to use microsoft excel. but if we couldn't, he would help us. too bad it ended so quickly.. haha.. i wished i could met him again in another class. FYI, he was a CEO of a private hospital in Surabaya.. but he was very humble.. likeyy!!

6. philosophy : could i say more? it was boring and not understandable for a common human being. that's all i could say.

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