Saturday, May 27, 2017

hong kong trip - part one

wohoooo!! cheers for me! we survived our hongkong trip. and miraculously, i didn't get insane! as long as i remember, i still keep my cool. although sometimes i wish those kids made up their mind so i can work faster, hahaha.. but we joked about it.. me and my husband. okay.. so i will try to review my trip from many aspects as possible. hope it can inspire you to take your kids with you when you travel!

airlines: cathay pacific. we bought our tickets during promo time, so the baby didn't get discount so we decided to buy full seat for the baby since it was cheaper rather than buying baby seat.
pro: we get spare seats. cons: we asked wrong seating so on our departure flight, the other passenger take advantage of our spare seat. on our return flight, still no advantage since the kids refuse to seat with their grandparents. we ordered kids meal (both flight, they couldn't eat it.. ) and baby food (gerber instant food, and they gave us 3 jars per flight! very generous considering my baby liked it.. hahaha..)

accommodation: the first 3 nights we slept in mongkok, the royal plaza hotel, which is exactly conjoint to moko mall and the east mongkok mtr station. it was recommended by our travel agent, so we just accept it. we got the family room (two double bed) and it was adjoining room with my parents (which got one double bed room). the bed were okay, but we can't move the bed so i have to put pillows around the bed to make sure my second one didn't fall from bed which make the bed even smaller. we also didn't ask for crib for baby, so it was uncomfortable for my baby since he couldn't changing place when he had to nurse. the room also didn't have enough drawers to put our clothes, so we kept them in the organizer, which is a little troublesome since it was scattered around our room. plus the refrigerator wasn't cold enough so i have to finish all the food that i brought from home in two days for my baby. although it was completely cooked, i still worry that it might get bad and make my baby sick. so better be safe and finish them all in two days. luckily i didn't bring much. i planned to finish it in 3 days during our stay in mongkok anyway. accessibility wise, it was a breeze. whenever we were too tired to find dinner, we just went to the mall and grab something to eat. and it was easy to travel by mtr since it was nearby and the mtr station had elevator too so we could bring our stroller.

the next 2 nights we slept in hongkong disneyland hotel. the hotel staff were marvelous. they provided the baby crib and the baby safety gate for our bed so i can sleep better since i don't have to worry about my kid falling down from bed. the room was slightly bigger and it has lots of drawer. yay! however, it has this old feeling vibe. no colorful decorations whatsoever that might connect the theme of the hotel to disneyland. i remember the one in paris (although it wasn't the disneyland hotel), it has castle theme, from the wallpaper to the bed. sooo dreeammmyyy. oh. and i read somewhere that you should roam your drawers to find gimmicks. well, i guess it was for hollywood disneyland hotel. the only prize that we found out was the discount coupon for the bobbidi boutique, which is useless since it only offered 200 hkd discount from 1100 hkd price!
there are two types of breakfast at the hotel. the first one is walt cafe. it was semi-buffet, mainly continental breakfast. but you can order hot meals with extra charge. they also have kids menu. extra charge for kids over 3. the second one is the enchanted garden. it was full buffet, many types of food (except for sushi.. can't find sushi). and the advantages of being in disneyland hotel: you get characters greetings at breakfast! so there will be mickey, minnie, goofy, pluto roaming around the breakfast area and you can take pictures with them. no need to form a line! yayy!! price wise, it was more expensive than the walt one, of course.

food: during our mongkok stay, our first one (5 years old) managed to eat everything that we offer him. hurrayy! it didn't come instantly folks.. but he got used to this travelling trips so he became more acceptable to whatever food that we bought for him. as long as it's familiar to our food back at home. like noodle, fried chicken, ramen, bread, porridge.. for our second one (2 years), she had food strike even at home, so mainly we bought her porridge. she ate it sometimes, but sometimes she refused it. oh well. she still ate bread though. and her milk. and her snacks. so not worry much. she didn't eat a lot at breakfast hotel too, so before heading there, i gave her baby instant porridge (from gerber) together with her baby brother just so she didn't starve. the baby was a breeze. he was 7 months and this was his first trip abroad. and he aced it. he ate whatever i gave him. instant baby food, homemade porridge (i brought rice from home and rice cooker) and cooked meat/fish that i brought frozen from home, porridge from mall, bread.. whatever that i thought he could eat, i gave it to him and he ate it like champion. hahahaa..

baby room: the one in moko was super nice and clean. it was super near to the food court, so the first day when we got accident (read: poop accident), i could clean him quickly. didn't look for one at the museum, but there was a breastfeeding room so there must be a baby room too. the peak upper terminus got baby room and it was clean but old. so it seems creepy. disneyland only offered baby changing table in the woman toilet. but it was clean. unfortunately, the trash bin wasn't near the baby changing table, so i have to bring it with my hands before throwing it out.

stroller around hongkong: it was possible but since we brought double stroller, it wasn't as easy as the single stroller. sometimes the lift was too far from our supposed exit. and there were stairs. and uneven road surface. so most of the time we brought our carriers. but luckily we brought our own stroller at disneyland. the one in disneyland was more like a cart rather than a proper stroller. the one in japan was nicer.

okay.. i guess it was my part one. will explain our itinerary in part two.

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