Sunday, May 7, 2017

brain dump: mr.ahok

i've been neglecting this blog for so long. mainly because i don't think i have anything to write. my life is boring and my biggest problem is parenting issue, so i don't think it's worth to read for anybody. hence the hiatus. but lately i have something to ease my mind, rumbling thoughts about stuff, and i think i better put in writing.

i know the heat is starting to ease down. with the election is finally over and the winner is already announced. but i don't want to talk about the politics. i just want to talk about the person. before this man came out in the politics world, there's no one like him. he came from minority but he still doesn't care. he knew a lot of people will get pissed off with his way of ruling the big city, but he still doesn't care. he just did what was right and for the people.

now, during the election, i notice that both sides were doing black campaign. from the winning side, they tried to push the idea that he's a blasphemer. from his side, perhaps even though it wasn't his doing, they tried to point out every flaws that the enemy have. the winning side got a lot of negative publicity. the elected governor was pointed out that he wasn't completely honest, that he could change directions anyway that could benefited him. that he would willing to bend rules and regulations to get his aims, even though it would mean to put amazing numbers on the budget. the elected vice governor was also pointed as ungrateful conglomerate. that he himself, was being raised and cared by people that he called infidels. that he forgot to even thank them and even embezzled their money. that he was suspected to have dirty talks with female public figures, something that's out of his characters that was told to be "religious and well-mannered". both elected winning part was accused to have flaws in their characteristics, something that build what kind of men they are. something fundamental if i might say.

but this phenomenal guy, people couldn't put his flaws up front. all they could do was blaming him based on a video that probably has been edited to serve their purpose.  something that probably wasn't true. they didn't accused him for being dishonest person. they didn't accused him for being adulterous. they didn't accused him for being honey-mouthed person. which i think, means that he stands true to what he believe. that is being faithful both to God and the people that he served. i'm not saying that he didn't have flaws in his characters, but they couldn't find one to put it out in the public that might discouraged his voters. they didn't find something interesting about him. he was just a plain and simple guy. no love affairs. no scandal. basically almost nothing.

even american presidency almost always got tainted by scandal. corruption. love affair. but they couldn't find one on this man. i think it's because he believes in God. as a fellow Christians, there's this principle, be light and salt of this world. and i think he really does that. even though he knew the consequences of being public figure, he didn't care. he knew that in his position he could gain anything for himself and his family. but so far nothing. he did what he thought best for his people. without added retribution. he stood firm with his belief. he really does shine. he truly pictures what a Christian should be. honest. reliable. just. especially being a public service officer that is too tainted of being corrupt. he didn't get sidetracked with this position. he still sees white as white, black as black. and i think it's super rare nowadays. no wonder he gets a lot of voters.

i might say that he's a breeze in our politics world. he brought something new. he brought courage. he brought honesty. he brought wisdom. he brought boldness. he brought hope. even though he didn't win, i think many people will see that he could make a change. he was willing to try. so why not follow him? he put hope that there's an honest man, perhaps more than one in this government that could change our country toward good directions. that we shouldn't lose hope in our government. if one man could do so much, why not working together? i think in the next year many younger people will start to join the politics because of him. let's just don't lose hope. don't lose hope that there is only one mr. ahok in our country. that only mr. ahok can make change. let's put his example to a good use, and not just watch, shall we?

after all, i believe there's a saying "don't ask your country what it could give to you, but ask yourself what you can do for your country". now let's be strong and make this country a better place. for you. for me, for us. as for him, thank you sir, for what you have sacrificed for your region. for us. for showing us that there's no need to be afraid to be different. to be honest. to be just. even though you're a minority. even though people underestimate you. even though you didn't win, you've won a lot of people hearts. i hope the best for you and your family, sir. moreover to your eldest son. looking forward to being a colleague of him. cheers!

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