Monday, December 8, 2014

historica coffee and pastry

i'm on my teacher's presents hunt the other day and i persuaded my friend to have brunch before sending me home, since my son's about to have his afternoon nap and he will be nagging me so i can't have lunch at home, so better eat first.and he agreed. so we headed to historica since it was nearby. haha.. pretty nice coincidence right?

actually, historica is in a complex which also have 1903, the fine dining place. and supposedly one more place but i can't see it. funny thing is, the parking space is very limited just like domicile which is nearby, but they have valet service at the complex, so even though it wasn't busy, we had to give the key to be parked by the valet officer. 

okay, now stepping inside the coffee shop, it was quite spacious compared to libby and monopole. just like libby, the menu is on the wall, but they also provide an ipad with menu inside. beside the cashier there's a display for cakes and juices (sorry... i've forgotten). the menu was not extensive, just like the other coffee shop, but compared to libby and monopole which have several "heavy dish" menu, historica has the lightest menu. and they don't have many choices on non coffee beverage.. so i ended up ordering oreo frappe and egg benedict while my friend tried the green tea frappe and yogurt muesli.

i have to say in terms of ambience and comfort rating, historica wins over libby and monopole. libby is comfy, but it's not that spacious. monopole is the worst. it's cramped and too busy and too noisy inside.. though probably when i went there it wasn't peak hour, but judging by the placement of the sofa and other seatings, even though it's busy, it won't be as cramped as monopole. in terms of service, i might say that all of them are average. average on the service given by the waiter and the time of service.

the oreo frappe is average. it's sweet but i can still taste a hint of coffee inside. though my friend said that he didn't taste the coffee when he ordered it.. but still, being not a coffee lover or drinker, probably makes me more sensitive to coffee than him. but it's okay.. it didn't make me palpitate. the egg benedict is a standard egg benedict, and it has the original hollandaise sauce (yayyy!!) but i forgot to tell them that i'm pregnant and the poached egg is very runny, runnier than libby's which means it's almost raw.. but hopefully nothing bad will happen. but it's just an ordinary egg benedict, nothing special about it. my friend told me that the yogurt muesli was a waste. you can make it yourself at home..  the green tea.. well, it's green tea.. no special thing about it.

will i go back there? probably if i'm nearby.. but if i'm not, there's no reason to go there just to eat..

oreo frappe

egg benedict

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