Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book review : Reunion in Death

This the 14th book in In Death series. It started with a birthday party. It was supposed to be a happy moment for Walter Pettibone. His birthday was being celebrated by his second wife. Although he'd already knew about the surprise birthday party, he pretended not to know about it. and it was in the middle of the party. he was just finishing his speech and took a sip of his champagne, and then he was suffocating. a moment later, he was dead. walter was known as a and eve was assigned to this case. later she found out that the deadly champagne was being handed by a waiter, and apparently, eve knew this woman. eve put her behind prison 10 years ago. her name was julianne dunne. she was a man eater. but later eve found out that julie was being released for "good behaviour" reason. and julianne got out with a big plan in mind, getting revenge on eve.

julie was put in prison in the first place for killing his husband. her modus was married a rich man and then killed him. while eve was concentrating on putting julianne back to prison, she put her assisstant, peabody on a test. there was a cold case about the murder of a wife. eve suspected it was the new wife's job. but she let peabody to re-open the case. and interogating the husband and the new wife. eve thought peabody was ready for the next step, and she was ready to recommend peabody for detective position. so the only job peabody had to do was finishing that cold case as leverage.

the next victim was henry mouton. he was also a widower. with 3 ex-wives. and eve had to be hurried since julianne seemed to be in a tight schedule. she had a schedule before she went out from jail. and eve worried that roarke was included in her plan. but mira, the department psychologist, doubted that. mira told eve that roarke didn't have the same quality as the other male victims. all the male victim was rich, but didn't have respect for woman. they're all divorced their wives for newer, younger wives.  and eve had to go to dallas, where it started. going to dallas meant that she had to face her previous nightmare. but roarke was there for her.

at the end, eve was in the right place and the right time to catch julianne. this time, eve made sure that she wouldn't get out for "good behavior". and another good news was peabody was also able to solve the cold case. and eve put her name to be promoted.

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