Wednesday, September 5, 2012

so long, mitra

many people asked me why i haven't quit my job at RSMKS yet. as far as everybody's knowledge, working at mitra mean a hell lot of job but small wages. well.. let's review it from my point of view.

after finishing my medical school, the only thing in my mind was finding a job as quick as i could. since i'm firstborn but almost last to graduate (due to longer studies - 6 years to finish med school), i had to catch up my sisters pretty quick. i was already giving piano lesson at that time, but it was just a side job. so when my friend told me that there was opening at RSMKW, i applied there with couple of my friends. we were called to be tested and interviewed. everybody got home after finishing their test, but i had to wait to be interviewed on the same day. the director noticed that my house was on west surabaya, so she asked whether or not i'm willing to be transferred to RSMKS since they were also in short of person. since my first intention was to get a job soon, i agreed to it. so she arranged for me to be interviewed again by the other director.

at that time, i questioned my decision. some of my friend has been accepted at RSMKW and already working, while i'm still waiting to be called again. i was in doubt, is it true that they still need someone? or have they gotten the person they need. but finally i got the call. i met with the director and the head of ER, and i got accepted! hahaa.. though at that time i was really a fresh graduate, no experience at all, and haven't been trained anything yet (ACLS, ATLS, etc). fiuh.. that time, i was relieve. God heard my prayer.

day by day, i started to enjoy it. though it was hard work (really2.. i don't understand that those so called high-end patients were very demanding and sometimes stupid.. ) but i like all the people there. they were warm and nice. i loved my colleagues.. all the nurse.. in short, i could blend with them easily. since i was considered to be quick learner, they gave me more schedule in ER as second doctor more than my friend (at that time, there were two of us who got accepted at the same time). and i got flying solo almost the same as my friend who were there a month earlier.

i remembered, i was pretty scared when i was flying solo. i prayed to God that everyone will be just fine and healthy. no stroke attack, no heart attack, no accident. hahaha.. indeed, my first flying solo was fine. it was quiet. and it also happened to my second, third, and so on. but as time passed, i faced some emergencies, i made some mistakes, and i almost got sued! but i passed it all. i even cried when i found out that i couldn't save the old man on my night duty, though i worked my ass of to save his life. well, i was exhausted at that time and got attached easily to him (which i shouldn't do). i got my ups and downs here in mitra.

but back to my very first reason. i applied for the job for one main reason: to learn. being a doctor is a never ending job. you never know what you'll be facing, you couldn't predict what will come through the ER door everyday. though it might be same cases, there would be hundreds outcome. it depends on your decision. you have to be quick and intuitive. and sometimes, just be stubborn. since my first reason is to learn, money came last.

i admit, i was disappointed when i found out about my first month salary. but then, when i got more responsibilities, though it mean more hard works, it also mean more money. i remembered i got almost twice my usual salary when i really worked my ass off. no day off. but i could pass all that. and the benefit? more people got to know me. more people got to trust me. and i also gained more confidence.

so, for those who kept asking why i still at mitra, i guessed i have answered your question. if money was my orientation, i would've quit my job from the very first time i got my first salary. so now, i quit because i wanted to learn more. and i couldn't get it at mitra, so i guess i have to say goodbye for now. i really thank everyone there, who had taught me and taken care of me, and apologized if i had cause them troubles. wish you all good luck. and wish me good luck too..

and perhaps, if God permit, i would be back..

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