Sunday, August 19, 2012

NZ #1

it was a long flight from singapore to auckland. and then waited for 3 hours before heading to christchurch. i was exhausted since i couldn't sleep well on plane. and it was freezing cold when we arrived in auckland. pretty drastic weather changing since singapore which was humid and hot. and i almost fell asleep while i was pumping in the nursery room in the airport. and the auckland airport, although it was an international airport, it was quite small compared to beijing's. well.. compared to asian airport like beijing and thailand (bangkok). the domestic airport was even smaller. just like juanda. hahaha..

after a long and tiring flight, we were welcomed by the heavy rain in christchurch. hiks.. i was disappointed at first. please... not the bad weather.. it was winter already (which i hate), plus now it was raining. the first agenda was getting our rental car and then finding our hotel. the people here in new zealand had funny way to say some words, which confused us at first. but we understood them at the end. the people were quite nice, compared to those in europe (same caucasian..). and it was amusing, finding out that only 2 people running our first lodge. they both were nice. and very informative. they asked us what our plans and told us where to get dinner or breakfast. there were also list on the board about important things like supermarket, malls and of course, restaurants, cafe and bars.

we had our first dinner in st. germaine. an example of french cuisine. the place was dark and quiet. the food was okay. but it was oh-kay, not great. but we were glad we had warm food for rainy night. and we headed back to our lodge to get some sleep. oh.. we also shopped some groceries since we could cook at our lodge. we didn't buy our breakfast, and cooked it instead to save some money. that morning we had to take off to mount cook.

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